THE SECOND STORY | January 18th, 2018

Does the STATE have YOUR unclaimed property, cash, inheritances, etc?

Debbie Calvo, one of the BEST E.O.E. (escrow officer ever) turned me onto the CA State website, specifically to the unclaimed (property, cash, inheritances, etc) portion of that website. Debbie had a client (whose mother was deceased), who was able to claim 25K, because the state couldn’t trace it to her daughter. She had another client who was able to claim 72K!

Here’s the link:  https://UCPI.SCO.CA.Gov

The CA state website has become an amazing resource for the people! Check it out!

You may want to check out the National Registry as well, to see if you may have had a retired (and deceased) US employee who left you some $$$.


I had a former client call me this week about a condo she owns in Palm Springs. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve talked.  I was thinking, while I waved good-bye to her, about the adventures she would have, as she drove off into the sunset towards new life events. She stills owns a condo in town, and seems so satisfied with how life is treating her…even with family challenges. She’s the cream rising to the top. But I really loved that she not only had called me, but she called me about her particular real estate situation.

I’ve also have made some other good friends over the past few months. They just closed on their purchase this week. They were referred to me by some of their dear friends, and I sold those friends a house.  I think I’ll write about that adventure next week. Real estate is never dull! See the column to the right for my first closing in 2018.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Property is starting to spring up, even though it’s still winter!

Tues Tour 6

New 8

AC 1 contingent

ACTR 1 repo

BOM back on market 1

Sold 7



Total Active 31

Total Pending 26


Took a lovely bike ride with a friend, at dusk, up to Crown Harbor and then back over  BFI bridge, and a dark, cold ride home last Tuesday. REFRESHING! And now it’s raining! YAY!

Contact me if you have questions about this market!

best, marilyn



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