THE SECOND STORY | January 11th, 2018

Proof of the stuff you own…for your insurance company.

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Having recently hauled out and am still in the process of putting away my holiday stuff …AND when I was prompted by my NPR station…I realized that I needed to re-shoot some videos for all the stuff that is in each room, the garage, the drawers, the files, the closets, the artwork…and whatever.

Bless the folks who have gone through major issues (fires, floods, landslides) and more…this past year. And on a newscast last week, there were those who never had made any type of inventory of what they’ve owned.

I know it’s a hassle, but with our cellphone cameras…it’s worth doing. Something is better than nothing. I’m about to do it myself, again this weekend. It doesn’t take long and inside my gut…it’s one less thing to worry about. I’ve tossed out so much stuff (thank you Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale, the Alameda Library, and Goodwill Industries), for taking the stuff you want, and giving me a receipt for the donation. Next I’ll put the receipt with the photos to prove what I have, into the cloud.

It’s a new year! Start fresh…and get it done! Then fagitaboutit. YIPPEE!

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Tues tour  7

New 8

PCH price change 0

BOM back on market 0

Pending 30

Withdrawn Temporarily 2

Withdrawn/Canceled 1

Sold 0


Total Active on the market 33

Total Pending on the market 30

That’s a wrap! I can only say thank you, so much, to those of you who have become dear friends before or after we’ve done business together. You are all so special to me!

Look for an announcement of this year’s Shredding Party!    Marilyn

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