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Halloween in Alameda

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This may not be in Alameda, but it was in New Zealand! (courtesy of daughter, Sutter, and her husband, Sean)

The A-town locals know how to ‘do’ Halloween. Most every block is filled with costumed kids, and sometimes costumed parents!

I usually sit on my front porch. While I didn’t plan on having a Halloween costume, it turns out I was dressed as a San Francisco Giants fan…bundled up in my oversized Giants fleece jacket, and wrapped up in my Giants blanket…just like I was at Candlestick Park.

Because I think that Halloween is more for the smaller kids, and then the big kids show up…I’ve started telling the big kids I’ll give them a treat, only if they perform a trick for me. Almost every kid is there for the candy…and I give them two choices…5 high leg-kicks or 10 jumping jacks. Less than a handful of kids turned and walked away. Their loss.

The others embraced the challenge…most going for the jumping jacks. We had all kinds of folks cheering the tricksters on and counting each jumping jack. Those who even barely performed got some treats. In fact, one guy remembered me from last year! And he chose the jumping jacks. You go, guy!

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Broker Tour Tues 9 (1 was a high-priced repeat)

New 15

Pending 19

Sold 14

WC withdrawn/canceled 2

Expired 1

Total active on the market this week 59

Total pending on the market this week 73

Alameda Real Estate Awards this week (IMHO)


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