THE SECOND STORY | September 28th, 2017

Should Alameda have DecoBikes?

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DecoBikes in San Diego, maybe Alameda?

I was with my family in San Diego this past weekend, including the 2 that live in New Zealand). Three of us rented DecoBikes, near our hotel…and we rode along the shoreline, near the Maritime Museum, parked and turned in our bikes, and took tours of 3 of the 8 ships.

(I rested after wrestling my way through the WWII Russian submarine.)

There were photos of Alameda, back in the day, when The Alaska Packers ships were heading north to catch salmon.

Then we rented the bikes again, when we wanted to head back towards the hotel.

We may not have the weather to keep a bike rental biz busy…but to get around to places throughout Alameda, park the bikes and walk away…that’s kind of amazing.

All you need is the app on your phone, a credit card, and in return, you get a 3-speed bike (with basket), and hand brakes. No people involved but the bike riders.

Imagine if more folks rode bikes (like DecoBikes) to and from the ferries, instead of figuring out where to park their cars or worrying about finding a place to park a bike on the ferry!

Alameda Real Estate this Week

New 18

PCH price change 5  

BOM back on market 1

Pending 14

Sold 7

WC withdrawn canceled 2

Alameda Real Estate Awards this Week

Winner of the Week 

Pool house clean this pool! It wasn’t cleaned on the Broker Tour.

Total Active Listings on the Market 76 more than the pending!

Total Pending Listings on the Market 62

Enjoy the weekend! best, marilyn

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