THE SECOND STORY | August 31st, 2017

Bike Bridge Blue

I found this video clip on utube Alameda has 2 tubes that run under the estuary (one that goes outbound from Alameda, the other goes inbound to Alameda). 5 drawbridges: Park St, Fruitvale, High St, and the Bay Farm Island Bridge and 1 bike/pedestrian bridge, that runs parallel to the BFI bridge.

A major concern these days (and after watching the effects and after-effects of Hurricane Harvey in Texas), what will the residents do if any of those tubes and/or bridges become inoperable?

OCT Common Home Buyer Expenses

Often first-time buyers don’t realize what they don’t have once they own their home. That’s why my late husband, Carl, and I were willing to take furniture from his mom and my parents! What was old to them was new to us! It was worth renting a truck in S CA and bringing back ‘new-to-us’ here in Alameda!

Plus, our town has all types of stores that feature ‘the old’ style furniture…that can match the style of the property. And they have a sale on some of that stuff at the Alameda Museum, and the Oakland Museum has a White Elephant Sale every year. Check them out online!  (I would warn buyers….pace yourselves.)

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Alameda Real Estate this Week

While I wasn’t out on the broker tour this past Tues (I was helping a client with the sale of the house, which is now pending), I did ride around in my car late today (too hot for me and my bike) and saw 6 properties of the 9 that were on tour.

Broker Tour Tues 9

New 7

PCH 3 price change

Pending 16

Sold 16

WT 1 withdrawn temporarily

WC 1 withdrawn/cancelled

Total Active Listings this week 45

Total Pending Listings this week 57

Alameda Real Estate Awards (imho)

Bang for the Buck

Cute, Charming 

Have a great weekend: stay cool, stay hydrated, have some fun!

best, marilyn


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