THE SECOND STORY | July 6th, 2017

Mayberry by the Bay & the Alameda Parade.

Military and minions!

You need to be old(er) to remember that Andy Griffith was the sheriff in Mayberry, a very small town with folks that were characters.

But back when we got married, Carl and I referred to Alameda as ‘Mayberry by the Bay.’ And we loved A-town, complete with the Navy folks walking around, complete with Ole’s on Park Street (just like now, still owned by the daughter of the original owners), the ancient Alameda Theatre (vs the rehabbed and gorgeous Alameda Theatre now), and with a lot of tatoo shops, which catered to the military not to hipsters these days, who come here to roost. (Maybe you need to go off the island to get the best tatts.)

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Alameda Real Estate this Week

No tour this week! It was Tuesday, Independence Day! We had the parade instead!

But real estate was still happenin’!

New 9

BOM 4 (one was the Victorian that was BOM recently…2 down!)

Pending 5

Sold 6 (one was never on the market, so no photos)

WC withdrawn/cancelled 1 (this was just too much $$).

Expired 2

Total active listings 39

Total pending listings 68

Enjoy the upcoming weekend! Should be lovely! Contact me if you have questions about the Alameda real estate market!

best, marilyn

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