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Permits? Who needs a permit?

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Can’t believe I’m writing about permits….again.

These days prices are going through the roof. Duh.

On a recent closed sale, a shower starting leaking…alot. For some reason the listing agent either didn’t ask the seller about work done without permits or the seller just kinda didn’t remember.

But the permit situation is addressed directly on the disclosures. Please people, just call a spade a spade, and if it turns the buyers off…move on to the next buyers.

When folks start offering high dollars for a property, it’s incumbent that one of the agents either get a certified copy of the permit history or ask the listing agent to get a certified copy of the permit history.

Now the buyer has lawyered up…that’s also a bad thing. For everybody.

Based on what I see happening in the Alameda real estate market this week…inventory is still low, closed sale prices overall are not jumping through the roof as they once were, BOM’s (Back on Market) are showing up a bit more these days, as are price reductions (PCH), and Withdrawn (Temporarily) or Cancelled.

Alameda Real Estate this Week 

Broker Tour Tues 8

New 8

Price change 2

BOM (back on market) 2

Pending 14

Sold 9

Withdrawn temporarily 2

Withdrawn/cancelled 1

Total active listings on the market 46

Total pending listings on the market 63

Alameda Real Estate Awards this Week

argh! 2 weeks in a row…had appts and didn’t get out on the broker tour! So no awards this week.

Have a happy and safe holiday! best, marilyn

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