THE SECOND STORY | June 22nd, 2017

Heat….means Tommie Tucker’s in Alameda

3 boys and 3 cones and 1               hot day!

This what happens when it gets HOT in Alameda!

Tucker’s Super Creamed Ice Cream….1349 Park St., Alameda, 510-522-4960 (and yes, my son Evan, worked at Tucker’s during the summer months years ago). The kid on the left is Evan and Erin’s son, with 2 of his best friends who live in Alameda!

Based on the definition of the Centennial generation below…they are part of it!



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Capturing Centennials

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Broker Tour Tues 18! Unfortunately I needed to wait for a vendor at my house, and then after that I rode my bike over to a property that will be listing. Hopefully, I will get out to see some of the inventory tomorrow.

Note- there are more BOMs, PCHs, WTs, WC this week, then I’ve seen in a long time!

New 13

BOM back on market 2

PCH price change 1

Pending 12

Sold 11

WT withdrawn temporarily 2

WC withdrawn/cancelled 1

Alameda Real Estate Awards this Week

argh! I didn’t get out to see the properties…will try to get to them tomorrow! So no awards!

Enjoy the weekend if you stay around town!

???’s just contact me…and I may have the answers!

best, marilyn

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