THE SECOND STORY | June 1st, 2017

Windsurfers ahoy or sail(boards) away!

Wed late afternoon…there must have been                   30+ kite boards off South Shore.            (I took this out on Ballena Point,  looking                             towards SS beach.)

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Seeking Home Equity

I get this….if you need to have a home project done…then why not take a home equity line of credit…interest rates are super low compared to credit cards (but those rates begun to rise), and the market value keeps heading upward. But when will it stop? What will make it stop? As I tell my clients…a nature-made or a man- made disaster is all it takes.  Let’s hope you won’t be moving for at least 5 years (or more like 10 years)!

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Broker Tour Tues 11

New 10

Pending 8

Sold 11

WT (withdrawn temporarily) 1

Expired 2

Alameda Real Estate Awards this week (IMHO)

saw 6 of them this week via bike


Get me to rehab

That’s a wrap! questions? let me know!

Have a great weekend….GO WARRIORS, tonight!

(I’ve been at a meeting and I’ve recorded the game to watch later!

best, marilyn


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I arrived in Alameda in 1973, as a new bride...with husband Carl Schumacher, both of us from Newport Beach. He was embarking on his career as a Naval Architect (i.e. yacht designer) under Gary Mull. Please see the 'ABOUT ME' page in this website! to see how it has all turned out! I'm so blessed!