THE SECOND STORY | April 14th, 2017

Spring has sprung…

…sunny, cold, wet, and clouds meant for soaring

(if the FAA allowed us to fly gliders near OAK).

You may already know where this is, but one big clue is there are no wires running from house to street. Second clue is the palm trees.

We got another large donation from a Shredder last week! $100 for Alameda Meals on Wheels! Total is now $597! Thanks, Nancy!

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Alameda Real Estate this Week

Broker Tour Tues I rode my bike from central Alameda, to the east end, and up to the west end today…just to check out 5 of the new listings.

New 11 2 of these were previously active and have been re-inserted as new.

BOM 1 back on market

PCH 2 price change

Pending 11

Sold 9

Total active listings 50

Total new listings 60

Alameda Real Estate Awards this week…

Get me to rehab

Cute, Charming

Drives me crazy...I’m speaking in generalities..but I went to a house today..and couldn’t get the door opened. I called one of the agents and she told me ‘just put the key in, pull it out a bit, turn it to the right, and if necessary throw your shoulder into the door and it should open.’ Really? Really? How many agents have attempted to open the door and then walked away from the property, just like I did! Spend some bucks, seller’s and/or agents, and get that door to open without breaking any body’s bones.

If you celebrate Easter (in a religious manner), have a lovely, thoughtful event. If you celebrate Easter bunnies, baskets, eggs, candies, chocolate, have a fun time!

best, marilyn


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