THE SECOND STORY | March 16th, 2017

Driftwood beach house on San Francisco Bay, from Alameda's shore.
Driftwood beach house on San Francisco Bay,                    from Alameda’s shore.

We need housing…most everywhere, certainly in CA. A couple of days later, the structure was down…due to the bull dozer that came through. At least the kids/adults got it built!

Aspirational, But Practical

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Broker Tour Tues 13

New 16

Pending 13

PCH price change 2 (one up, one down)

Sold 9

Total active listings 45

Total pending listings 53

Alameda real estate awards this week

I got started on the tour a bit late but I did get to see all of the properties that had units. AND what a glorious day for a bike ride! Better than summer, it was! I looked at the rest (-1) on the main island yesterday.



Please realize that I haven’t asked about, nor seen the reports…these awards are based on my ‘in person’ tour.

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Come see me on Sunday 2-4pm at 1266 Caroline! And see this link as well Drone view!

Enjoy the longer days!


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It’s free to you! My treat!

I bet you can’t beat the court reporter who brought 83 boxes to shred!

best, marilyn

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