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Not always open….

Spring is the parking lot of Office Max, Alameda!
Spring is blooming…in the parking lot of      Office Max, Alameda!

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Sometimes the public expects ‘For Sale’ properties on the market to be open…as in open houses.

Sometimes the expectations work and in other just doesn’t.

When don’t open houses work?

  1. When you need to have an appointment.
  2. When you need to be accompanied by your agent.
  3. When it’s tenant occupied.
  4. When it’s such a mess that folks can’t get through.
  5. When it’s considered dangerous (structurally) or in a neighborhood that’s considered ‘rough.’
  6. When looky-loos aren’t welcome.
  7. When a property is considered exclusive/valuable enough to warrant the ‘by appointment only” sign.

And face it…many of us are the ones noted in item 6. “Just looking!’

Who benefits by an open house? It gives the agent hosting the open house a chance to find buyers, make an appointment with them, interview them, and get an idea of their motivation.

Do open houses sell houses? Maybe…but mostly not.

I tell my clients that having a property open invites ‘chatter.’ You know, what you talk about over a beverage and/or appetizers (hot or cold). It’s kinda like gossiping…about houses, not people. And like gossip, the chatter gets spread around, like an expanding circle. And maybe somebody will have his/her agent call and make an appointment.

Even ‘bad’ chatter can reach ears that are tuned into a ‘special’ property and that can mean fixers and flippers.

Are you part of the ‘chatter box’ lookers/buyers?

Alameda Real Estate this Week

New 18 I guess it must be the beginning of spring selling season!

PCH price change 1

Pending 6

Sold 11

Expired 3

Total active listings in Alameda 45

Total pending listings in Alameda 43

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