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IMHO – Off market listings….are really off the mark.

I found this solo flower coming up a porch, while on the broker tour. Shows just how much rained we've had!
I found this solo flower coming up through a porch, while on the broker tour. Shows just how much rained we’ve had!

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No sign? No worry. No advertising? No worry. The agent says (s)he’s got tons of agents/friends who are in the real estate business up and down the state and they may even live and work near you..and (s)he may have a match for your property.

Hhmmm. This sounds kind of attractive.

-You don’t have to make your property spotless (uh, yes you do. People do not go into a house wanting to get grossed out).

-Most people can see through the mess that you live in. (No, they cannot see through the mess. That mess is the only thing buyers can see!)

These arguments sound logical…from the Seller side. Until you find out, as the Seller, that the price you thought it would sell for, was just a dream gone buh-bye.

Let’s get clear on this. Unless you think selling a property is like having a garage sale….you are way off base.

Maybe I can make my statements make some sense. Say you are watching a fashion show…featuring grunge style clothing. Now grunge doesn’t do anything for you personally, but even the models are clean, wearing what they are supposed to wear…grunge. And they’re struttin’ their stuff!

Even in this hot market the worst of the properties usually get full exposure! Why? Because you are hiring an agent to get the best price possible for your property.

Just like there is Buyer’s Remorse (most times the buyers can get out of the contract if there are contingencies) there is probably Seller’s Remorse, too, wondering if they could have gotten a better price. As a Seller, you may not have the same options as the Buyer…you may be stuck in a contract.

BTW….you, the seller, are moving. Why not start on getting your stuff out of your property before the house hits the market? Even if you still need to live in the property…getting rid of your stuff may well be worth it — you can rent a storage unit (or 3 storage units), or have an (un)estate sale, or give your stuff to charity, or just toss it.

With the higher goal in mind (making $$$), maybe you’ll find out that selling your house off market will only be putting cash into the agents’ pockets, and not into your own pockets, once the transaction closes. IMHO.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Broker Tour Tues 12  I was out on the tour this week and saw 8 of the 12 properties via bike…from out on BFI (close to the ferry) up to 3rd Street in the West End. With all of the twists and turns, I think I logged about 15-20 miles. And it was a glorious day! But the 6 Tuesdays I was particpating in the online writer’s workshop (during the Broker Tour,) was so worth it!

New 8

PCH price change 2

Pending 7

Sold 4

WT withdrawn temporarily 1

Expired 1

WC withdrawn/cancelled 1

Total active listings 36

Total pending listings 41

Alameda Real Estate Awards this week

Winner of the Week

Get me a facelift 2 properties tied for this award.

Get me to rehab 3 properties tied for this award.

OK! Done! Have a fun (but rainy weekend)! Questions? text, em, or give me call.

Best, marilyn


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