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Mouse in the house.

Before and After
Before and After
The mouse ate the peanut butter by eating the exterior of the trap..and walked on it. They he walked out w/o paying the bill or saying thank you. argh!
The mouse ate the peanut butter by eating the exterior of the trap..and then walked out of the trap. He left w/o paying the bill or saying thank you. argh!


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Have any critters running around/in the house? I didn’t think I did, but now I have some limited experience, over the last few months.

First, my heating expert found some droppings on the other side of the locked slider doors, that houses the furnaces. He told me it seemed to be a rat. I went to a local hardware store and they sold me a trap. I set it on the 5’6″ concrete foundation behind the furnaces. It was there for weeks. No action. Then one day I smelled something fishy, as in ‘ratty.’ I climbed behind the furnaces with a step stool and sure enough the trap and the rat were in the dirt. Gross!

I tried not to breathe, and with my garden gloves on and plastic bags over the gloves, reached in and got the rat & the trap. Gross grosser grossest! Got rid of it in the recycle bin and covered the biobag with leaves.

Then just last week I had a tenant who told me that something was eating her plastic bags. Turned out she had a mouse in her house.

The pest people come out to the house, did a walk-around, and gave me the talk about how critters (mice and rats) can get in most any where there is a 1/4″ diameter hole.  The pest folks came back and sealed up all of the holes, and screened those places that needed air to come in.

They set 2 traps in each apartment, and 4 traps under the house. They will return once each week, for the next month. They’ll pick up the traps, relay them, and the service has a 1 year guarantee: that they will come back if any critters seem to be invading.

In 29 years living here we’ve never had a pest issue. But the cold and wet weather make those pests look for warmth and food, inside.

Let me know if you need a good pest company, that won’t rip you off. I’ll share the name with you.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

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Alameda real estate awards this week…

Can’t give any. I didn’t go out on and see the new listings due to other real estate meetings! argh! But they were important!

Contact me if you have questions…either buying or selling, or what you need to do to get prepared for either buyer or selling!

Scan the rest of my website. Had a potential client who wanted a second meeting this week, which I was happy to have with him. But he found the answers to his questions under the FOR BUYERS and FOR SELLERS sections of the website! He said he was satisfied with those prescient answers! YIPPEE!

best, marliyn

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