THE SECOND STORY | January 5th, 2017

Stepping fine in the New Year!

I saw these shoe prints while riding my bike over the Bay Farm bike bridge the other day. Not sure if they were made w/ permanent color or not. But they made me smile!

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Alameda Real Estate this Week!

Out of hibernation – here’s what’s happened from Thanksgiving through today. We will start to see more inventory in the next month.

How much? I have no idea!

How hot is the market? Not as hot as it was a year ago.

How do I know that? Because some Realtor friends in San Francisco send me their quarterly reports…and it has really cooled off. Inventory is way up (relatively speaking), sales are way done, and prices (still expensive) are dropping.

Any owner who put his/her property on the market just before the holidays, really wants to sell. Can be tough to get the maximum # of buyers because many have either gone down for a ‘good winter’s nap,’ have left town for colder (skiing) or warmer (like Maui, as I did) climes or have just put real estate into the their mental filing cabinet.

This is what happened:

Broker Tour Tues 1 a very nice Centre Court 2/2.5 unit!

New 3 

PCH price change 1

Pending 4

Sold 11

Expired 4

WC withdrawn/cancelled 2

Total Active listings on the market as of today. 17

Total Pending listings on the market as of this today. 26

Alameda Real Estate Award this Week.

1 Winner…got it by default, because it looks good, and was the only property on the tour.

You got ???? I may have the answers!

You need vendors? I very well may have those folks in my list!

You know how to reach me…and I’ll respond!

Happy New Year! best, marilyn

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