THE SECOND STORY | October 27th, 2016

Alameda Builds & Elects

This post has been updated as of 9:05am Fri Oct 28! Thanks to the folks that pointed out my new listings were the same as the sold listings! Also, I added the total listings on the market and the total pending listings for this week! Thanks to those who emailed me!

I took a photo in April, near the Alameda/Oakland Ferry (west end), and I was quite sure it was a houseboat. I took another photo last week….and it seems to be exactly that. Wonder where it will be located? So many of the marinas seem to be so empty and even on the chopping block. Maybe the houseboat owners know more about the climate and sea rise, than most of us?2016-04-14-10-54-55 img_5262 – Just tooling around.

Now for the election….

Several folks have been in touch with me regarding Nov 8 and how to vote in this city election, and what do to about the state ballot measures. I’m no expert. But this last Sunday afternoon I spent 3 hours online, and another 2 hours on Monday, trying to figure it out.

If you have as many questions as I do (or did)…please check out . This is a terrific site: no opinions…but the facts have been researched and once you get how it’s layed out….you’ll find out who the backers are behind the candidates and the measures, and what the measures actually do for the people.  And if you rely on the postcards that you’ve been receiving en masse, trash them. Check out the KQED website.

I’ve marked my sample ballot…and will mark my real ballot and bike-deliver it to my local polling place..that way I can put it into the ballot box and know that it’s there, not relying on the USPS.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Broker Tour Tues 10 this week, and I saw 6 via car…I was afraid it would rain…and everybody asked me “Where’s your bike?” Me and my bike rode through a downpour after church a couple of Sunday’s ago. I was soaked when I got home, but the day started out dry! Oh well.

New 10

PCH (price change) 1

Pending 15

Sold 9

Expired 1

Withdrawn Temporarily 1

Total active listings on the market 52

Total pending listings on the market 66

Alameda Real Estate Awards this Week


Bang for the Buck(s) tied!  These are Woodstock Co-op units. 1 is a 1/1, and the other is a 2/1. They are small and it takes 20% down to buy them…but you don’t really own them…you are a member of the co-op. You get a 30 year lease. But these units are starting to get upgraded with major systems (pipes, electrical) and they always have a pest clearance. So most everything is done before it goes on the market. I sold many of them over the years. Let me know if you have questions about these properties.

That’s a wrap! Enjoy the rain! I turned off my sprinklers once we had the first rain a couple of weeks ago (when I got soaked). Let’s hope they stay off through the winter.

You know how to reach me!

best, marilyn

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