THE SECOND STORY | October 13th, 2016

What will happen….questions I’m asked about the election.


I took this shot of the after-sunset along Shoreline Drive, in Alameda…almost 4 years ago today. Amazing how the light shifts in the autumn.  Sista by another mother. My for-fun blog.

Questions I’m getting asked most often these days:

What will happen to the real estate market once we have a new president?  It depends on whether we have one party in charge of the Senate and House of Representatives. It’s been a log jam for some time. Nothing really happens, IMHO. The elected officials need to take down the walls that they’ve built up…and start getting things done.

What will happen to the real estate market when interest rates are raised? Rates go up, real estate values go down. How much? How quick? When I got my real estate license, we were working our way down from 18% interest rates.

What will happen to the Alameda real estate market should M1 (Berkeley style rent control) pass? The link is from the city, so you can compare M1 and L1. Just scroll down and you’ll find the comparisons. IMHO M1 would be a disaster for everybody in this town, renters AND owners. L1 is also on the ballot…and it will benefit every citizen in this town. We need to work as a community to get our town leaders to make housing affordable (all $$ ranges), including rental units. And we need to demand our state leaders work swiftly to make the state laws far less cumbersome. L1 can be a ‘work-in-process’ because the City Council can tweak it. M1 is a Charter Amendment which can only be changed by a vote of the Alameda voters, which will cost between 300K – 500+K. If the city is as strapped as they say it is, and it is…it always will come back to the property owners who pay the taxes, even for our schools. Everybody gets to vote but the property owners pay the property taxes that allow us to keep the Alameda community intact.

That’s why our community does matter…those who live here want the best for each of our community members. M1 does not do that.

Maybe next week I’ll indicate what items the property tax bill covers.

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