THE SECOND STORY | September 22nd, 2016

Sunny in A-town except…


…for this particular cloud. As I was returning from the ACI e-waste and hazmat disposal in Oakland, across from the Park St bridge, I looked up and saw this huge cloud! No other clouds were around it. I drove over to Crown Beach to take a couple of photos of it..because there aren’t any street wires getting in the way of the shots.

There was a breeze, but it appeared to be super windy aloft (like 20+ thousand feet up) and the cloud barely moved. I was quite sure it was a lenticular cloud. (Reminded me of when I flew gliders in Minden, NV. That’s another story for another day, on my ‘for-fun’ blog.) Anyway, a very unusual sight to find directly over Alameda! what’s inside of those little boxes? check it out…

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Broker Tour Tues  11 total, 7 in 94502 saw 5 of them via bike.

New 7

BOM back on market 1

PCH price change 3 all downward

Pending 14

Sold 13

Total active on the market 57\

Total pending on the market 60

Alameda Real Estate Awards (IMHO)

only 2 this week…


Hipster house I liked this one…it was on the tour last week but I didn’t go by it then. It still was on the tour again this week and I rode my bike there. It’s in a very industrial area (close to the Park St. Bridge), behind some lovely gates. But it was very cool inside and outside.

OK! Short, sweet, to the point!

Let me know if you have questions about the market. What do you think it’s doing these last weeks?

best, marilyn

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