THE SECOND STORY | September 8th, 2016

I’m my own personal Angie’s List….

Look up! That’s my mantra when I sell a piece of property to anybody.

Well, I looked up to my own ceiling this week. Some honey-brown dots appeared on my box beamed ceiling, in the living room, during the night. AND shortly thereafter, something plopped on the floor, and it wasn’t water.

When something comes down, I need to look up!
When something comes down, I need to look up!

Both items are still in their respective places. Both have been looked at by a plumber, whose company has come here over the years. On the second floor the plumber took photos of the area behind an access cover in a bathroom. But after water tests, he couldn’t find any seeping or leaking.


I had an issue with a slow leak in the same area over a year ago, now…again? Really?

Good news is how I choose to look at this. Okay, this house was built in 1898. The apartments were added during WW II. That means that these are the original pipes in that bathroom. They are about 70 years old!

More good news. That means it’s my turn to replace those pipes.

The bad news, in any newer home, this same situation would need to be remedied between 10-30 years.


OH…and yeah, and I need to replace a lock upstairs….because I got a call today from a resident, that she couldn’t get OUT of her apartment. Good news….it was the original…and the locksmith will replace it with another one just like it. And yes, we figured out how to get her out and have access in and out while waiting for the locksmith to come next week.

OH, and yeah, I needed to buy a new refrig this week for another resident. I almost forgot about that.

I’m so glad that I have a personal marketing piece saying to my clients:

“Please consider me as your own private Angie’s List.”

Yep, that’s me! Need a vendor…ask me!  I know it’s autumn.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Broker Tour Tues – 15 this week (13 were in 94501, 2 in 94502). I rode my bike to 8, and chose to ignore the rest…because I had previously the seen the floor plans of the others (condos, tract homes).

New 24 do you think Labor Day is over? uh, yeah!

BOM back on market 2

PCH price change 2

Pending 5

Sold 10 the correct price for 2631 San Jose is $1,350,000 NOT 13,500,000. The listing agent emailed local agents and said she was dead-beat tired and typed in the wrong info. It will show up as corrected tomorrow. But it was too late to change it! Who hasn’t felt that way?  I get it!

WT withdrawn temporarily 1

WC withdrawn/ cancelled 1

Alameda Real Estate Awards (imho)

Winner of the Week (I know itt may look a bit frumpy, but I loved this house…it really has been a home….well located on a very quiet street corner…it’s my winner.

Cute charming nice block, lovely bungalow

Quiet At lease when I saw it….street, lagoon property, close to most everything on the main island., mid-century quality (nice).

And that’s a wrap for now. Have a great weekend! Call, em, or text me with questions.

best, marilyn

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