THE SECOND STORY | August 25th, 2016

Who you gonna call….

…Ghostbusters? Not so much…but you may end up calling me! I get calls, texts, and emails from friends, friends of friends, and clients (most of whom have become friends) wanting to know who I use to fix this, that, and the many items that need a professional’s help to get those items to work again!

I called Keith, who owns rxAppliance, earlier this week to come out and fix my not-so-old dryer. Over the last two weeks, it started making a ‘kerplunk’ sound as soon as I hit the start button. He came over late this afternoon.

Keith, fixing my dryer!

No more ‘kerplunk’ sounds…and it runs as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

In the past week I’ve made referrals to a man with a business property who needed an appraisal for the biz as well as the building. I’ve given out painters’ names, a landscaper, cleaners for deep cleaning for a property, window washers, stagers, and more. And almost every time I know them personally, or somebody I know has worked with them.

The company whose license I work under, Fusion, calls many of their agents a “Personal Angie’s List!” Take advantage of that! launching into our ‘professional athlete…amateur human being’ Ryan Lochte.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

This will be quick…I put a new listing on the market last Friday and had the first open house last Sunday, and the Broker Tour this past Tues. I didn’t get out to see the other properties on the Tour so no awards this week. You can see www.2815 here.

Tues tour 9

New 8

AC 1 (active/contingent) we haven’t seen too many of these over the past 3-4 years. This means there is a contingent offer on the property…which means they have to sell/close another property (typically their home) before they can close on the upleg property. Most buyers can be bumped out of this contract contingency by another buyer who is non-contingent. It all depends on how the contract is written.

Pending 11

Sold 10

Withdrawn/cancelled 2

Expired 1

OK! That’s a wrap for now! Come on by 2815 Otis this Sunday and say hello!

best, marilyn

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