THE SECOND STORY | August 18th, 2016

Bridge to Alameda

No more train tracks leading here.
No more train tracks leading here.

The original Fruitvale Bridge cross-piece would raise and lower based on the train traffic coming into Alameda and going out to Oakland. Alameda’s train tracks have been covered up recently. This bridge looks like a kid’s construction set!  got a text this evening…made me smile…and made me sad….

Commentary (in picture format)!



Broker Tour Tuesday 13 2 of these properties are a housing developer’s products. You know they are not getting the traffic into their sales office when they start advertising their products on the MLS! (IMHO) Saw 4 of them this week, via my bike!

New  10

PCH price change 3

Pending 12

Sold 7

WC withdrawn cancelled 1

Expired 1

Alameda real estate awards this week (imho)

Cute, charming

Get me a makeover

Get me to rehab

Have a great weekend! Enjoy the Olympics (if you watch them)! I am loving them!

best, marilyn

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