THE SECOND STORY | August 4th, 2016

Morning: in an Alameda park…




I took some reading materials to the Crown Beach park on Tues, to get out of the way of my great cleaning folks, who came a bit earlier than usual. So instead of me taking pictures of sunsets, kite surfers, and windy days…I took the two photos above.

The first is a coach for 4 kids, who may have been related. He was excellent with them, kind but firm, teaching them soccer skills. I was fascinated. Note that the 3 girls wore hijabs, and long pants and shirts. The youngest was a boy, dressed in soccer attire, who really manipulated the ball. Clearly they were very familiar with the game.

The second is of 2 ladies sitting at a table. They were singing songs, accompanied by some type boom-box. What beautiful voices! And when they sang America, the Beautiful, tears came to my eyes.

There were lots of dogwalkers, and all ages playing Pokeman GO. (Don’t even get me started on this…game.)

Thus a beginning of a lovely day in Alameda.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Broker Tour Tuesday 8 this week (1 was a repeat). I saw 5 by bike.

New 8


PCH price change 2

Pending 7

Sold 15 note that the some of the condos are still going up…while some of the single family homes aren’t going up as much, or have come down in price. Also note that the biggest spread in ‘list to sale’ was a junker probate sale of 4 units.

W/C withdrawn cancelled 2

Expired 1

NOTE you may want to check out this link about Landlord Nation. This is fascinating…and quite real. This is what my dad did, when he chose to retire at the age of 49, a long time ago!

Total active on the market 42

Total pending on the market 54

Alameda Real Estate Awards (imho)

Winner of the Week 

Cute, Charming

Grand Dame (modern) – it’s on a busy intersection but 3 homes were built here about 8-10 years ago…each was unique and done very well. I worked with the agent who had them listed at the time.

Get me to rehab!

Have a fun weekend!  Today felt like winter….but hopefully the cooler weather will help the firefighters throughout the state.

Questions? you know how to reach me!

Best, marilyn

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