THE SECOND STORY | July 14th, 2016

Sun shines in Alameda and Sunflowers prove it!

Neighbor two doors away grow amazing things in their front yard!
Neighbors nearby grow amazing things in their front yard! And I had the listing when these folks bought it! Wonderful folks, here in the ‘hood.  keeps me sane….



My dad retired from a job that he had for decades, after the company brought in some type of psychologist to help the managers improve their “manag-ees.” He was 49 years young.

Turns out that he hated his job, as was pointed out by the adviser, much to his surprise.  As the oldest of his 4 kids I could have told him that, but he never asked me.

So he accepted a buy-out from the other company shareholders and went back to school with my youngest brother, who was attending Orange Coast College. He knew lots of his classmates because they knew his son and he would see them in and out of school (not to mention them eating their meals in our family kitchen).

He also decided to get his real estate brokers license, and commenced buying single family homes that needed a bit of work (not a true flip) and rented about 8 of those out, in the town next door.

That’s when he called me, in the middle of his dinner, to let me know that I should get my own real estate license..because the Realtor he was using was the best EVER! And he thought I could be pretty good at it.

By that time, I was looking for something a bit calmer to do than flying planes in Alaska, and across the country for new deliveries of single engine planes. When the economy went south I repossessed small Piper airplanes. Plus we had our young kids (ages 5 and 1) and I’m pretty sure my dad thought real estate would be much tamer than most anything else, and would keep me local.

My folks kept most of the houses, until my mom’s passing. Besides having a broken heart, that event had a positive impact on his taxes, as in minimizing them. He got a stepped up basis on each house. And he was able to make a tidy profit.

That’s why the picture above has some real meaning to me. He made more $$$ and had more fun, than his old job. Don’t get me wrong…it was a job for him, but it kept him off the freeways going slowly to nowhere.

But the demographic has changed…for most of us. And investors are heading out of CA to put their cash into other states, where their $$$ can get them more bang for the buck.

And I couldn’t be more grateful that he took time from his dinner and made that call to me.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Broker Tour Tues – 10 this week…only 2 in 94502 saw 7 of them by bike.

New 12

PCH price change 1

BOM back on market 2

Pending 8

Sold 20

Real Estate Awards this Week (imho)


Get me to rehab 

Maybe get me to rehab this appears to be sitting on brick, what I could see of the foundation (in the attached garage).

Have a fun weekend! The fog was rolling in while I was on a bike ride with a friend this evening. It was cold going into the wind!

best, marilyn

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