THE SECOND STORY | June 30th, 2016

Independence Day in Alameda!

Elvis was in the parade, along w/ Charlie Chan!
Elvis was in the parade, along w/ Charlie Chaplin!


Alameda’s Independence Day Parade check this link for the City’s  Annual parade route.  Bring a chair, and something to drink, and watch the parade go by! The Island has the longest parade in the nation. Having been in it for several years, on and off, I can attest to its length! Especially the year a group of us agents walked the route tossing our open house signs to music! But we got lots of cheers!

Then if you don’t have anything better to do at 3pm, head over to South Shore Center, to the Center Court, bring a chair, and listen to the Beatles come alive with the cover band The Sun Kings. They are truly amazing! You will want to sing to every song, and probably end up dancing, too!

Alameda Real Estate This Week!

Broker Tour Tues 6 saw 3 this week by bike, then finished up at the Farmer’s Market with a 6 pack of strawberries for $6! Gave 3 of them to surprised friends!

New 9

BOM back on market 1

Pending 11

Sold 11

WC withdrawn cancelled 2

Alameda Real Estate Awards this week (imho!)

Winner  this has been redone with love in mind! It’s great and also across the street from Encinal High.

Get me a makeover (but a terrific location in the Gold Coast)

Have a fun 4th, whatever you do! Stay safe!

best, marilyn

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