THE SECOND STORY | June 23rd, 2016

Yarn bombing in Alameda!


Yarn Bombing with Bob and his dog Bruno.
Yarn Bombing with Bob and his    dog Bruno.

So this was new to me! I was meeting a friend for lunch @ The Blue Dot Cafe. I tied my bike up to a post, and next to it I saw this pole wrapped in knit squares! I decided to take a photo. I hadn’t met Bob before so I asked if I could use the photo of him and his dog, Bruno, in my blog. He told me about Yarn Bombing but he hadn’t seen anything this extravagant in his Alameda wanderings. Amazing what stuff I learn each day. customer service can be a bitch, when you expect it, and don’t get it.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Broker Tour Tues 14 this week saw 5 via bike this week.

New 10

BOM back on market 1

PCH price change 3 very interesting…

Pending 13 

Sold 9

Alameda Real Estate Awards This Week (only my opinion!)


Start at the top…and see what happens

Get me a makeover

That a wrap for this week! Have a fun weekend! Call if you have ??? about the market…I see things changing…w/the price reductions and BOM. We’ll see!

best, marilyn

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