THE SECOND STORY | May 5th, 2016

Get your ducks lined up and in a row!

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These are geese, but they’re all line up! 


If you don’t have your ducks/geese/preapproval letter/contingencies removed/completed and all lined up before you write an offer, when a property that you really like (maybe even love), comes on the market, you may be toast. These are tough times, if you are a buyer. It means you need to be aggressive.

Do you know that agents check out the reputations of other agents? The one thing that I know is that good/excellent agents prefer to do business with other good/excellent agents.

And when the agents are local that can be icing on the cake. Why? Because agent reputations precede most everything else. The listing agent often knows that the potential selling agent maybe the real deal, not someone blowing smoke, or talkin’ smack.

Often they not only work together but they live in the same town…which is pretty important, in a small town like Alameda.

The last 2 transactions I’ve been involved with have had very local agents. I represented a Buyer in one, and the Seller in another. In both cases, trust goes a long way to getting ‘deals’ (I prefer the word ‘transactions’) closed. And so many of us have worked hard to earn the trust of our clients (buyers and sellers) and the agents that we work with.

This biz called ‘buying and selling real estate’ may be the most expensive thing you have ever invested in, either acquiring or liquidating.

Do your homework. Find an agent who has your interests at heart, works full-time, and knows the land like the back of his/her hand.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Broker Tour Tues 10 this week. Rode my bike to 6 on the main island.

New 13

Pending 12

Sold 7

WT 1 withdrawn temporarily

Total Active properties in Alameda 35

Total Pending properties in Alameda 48

Alameda Real Estate Awards this Week..only my perspective!


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