THE SECOND STORY | April 28th, 2016

Reaching out to the Alameda masses….

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..from the sign gal at Central Baptist Church! to see the other sign go to 


I went to see a few broker open houses this week, 5 to be precise, going from east end to west end. One of those didn’t even have an agent representative there…but one of the owners was there instead. I just don’t get what the owners are buying into these days. The listing agent is out of town, and a friend, and that makes him qualified to sell any real estate, anywhere in the State of California.

My theory is: get the best agent/broker that is local, has an excellent reputation, has a proven track record (locally), who knows the area and it’s quirks, rules, and local laws. Being ‘friends’ can come after hard work and once the sale has been closed.

So there.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Broker Tour Tues 9 this week.

New 11

PCH price change 3 (what does that tell you?)

Pending 10

Sold 12

Withdrawn temporarily 3

Withdrawn/cancelled 3

Total active properties in Alameda 35

Total pending properties in Alameda 41

Alameda Real Estate Awards this Week..this is only my perspective.

Bang for the Buck

Got me a makeover

Have a warm and fun-filled weekend!

Go Warriors!

best, marilyn

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