THE SECOND STORY | April 14th, 2016

Hey Alamedans! Do you know what this building is?

2016-04-14 10.54.48 what I think about when not thinking real estate!

I was at the west end ferry today, picking up my very busy daughter, who had just spent yesterday in Tiburon with some dear, dear friends.  As we left the terminal she spied this building. I think it may be an unfinished houseboat…now that I really look at it, OR somebody who is worried about the tides getting high, very quickly.


‘I knew the agent as a friend, but not as an agent.’ 

A new house came on the market this past Tuesday…actually it had been on the market for about 3 weeks…but very few people (and agents) had seen it. I was one of the agents who saw it before the out-of-town listing agent was fired, and a local agent was hired.

This was a classic example of ‘I’ll cut the Seller a good deal for the commission, and maybe he won’t make me work for the money.’ As a reader of this blog, you and I both know good and bad agents. But if you don’t know an agent’s track record (and get a list of sellers from the agent he worked for so you can check the agent out) you don’t know nothin’!

He never showed up for the 2 broker open houses that were advertised. The Seller said it was hardly seen by anybody at the open houses.

When you are getting in the mood to sell a property, you need to be told the truth about it: get a pest and property inspection before you do any work and then decide how/what you will do to make the most money. Pest work? Fixing big items? Fixing small items? Painting inside and outside? Getting the roof back into serviceable condition? Clutter completely removed from the house? Maybe move you and your family out…so it can be shown with very little hassle. Staging or not? Keep the place empty? Stay at the property? That has its own rules.  And get the property cleaned and cleaner. And keep it cleaned throughout the transaction, and that includes any front and back yards.

The goal is to realize the best profit from your property…and it starts by getting to know your agent, figuring out what the best plan for you is, finding out about the market, and making money by your actions and by the actions of your agent. Then you will be seeing green all the way to the bank.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

There are some price changes, downward these past weeks. DOM (days on the market) are longer if it’s been mis-priced. I’ve spoken with agents who have received just 1 offer and the seller and the agent were both glad to get it!

Broker Tour Tues 9 this week saw 6 of them via bike.

New 5 I listed 2963 Sea View 10 years ago, and it was very original…closed for 1.45M. Today it’s 1.595M and has some nice upgrades (based on the photos).

New short sale (this has been rare in Alameda these days) 1

PCH (price change) 1

BOM (back on market) 1

Pending 7

Sold 11

Withdrawn/canceled 1

Total Active listings in Alameda 34

Total Pending listings in Alameda 48

Alameda Real Estate Awards this Week…this is only my perspective!

Bang for the Buck this is the property I wrote about today.

Cute, charming don’t quite get why this was to have offers yesterday…oh well.

That’s a wrap for now! Have a sun-filled weekend!

best, marilyn

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