THE SECOND STORY | April 1st, 2016

Sunny spring: clear, cold, windy in Alameda!

Morton Street near Franklin Park is blooming!
Morton Street near Franklin Park is blooming!  Sometimes I surprise myself with what I’m thinking while riding my bike around town. Only if I could remember the thoughts when I sit down to write my blog!


Do folks think that real-estate sales people are like used-car sales people? That can be a not-so-good comparison.

While having lunch with a local Realtor (and a very close friend) on Wednesday this week, we both wondered (as do most of the readers of this) what has happened to customer service? Here’s the gist of what we came up with:

Own what we do – if something isn’t right, we try to get after it as soon as we find out about it. If that means making calls to folks who can make things right, or give our clients some extra insight, we’ll do it!

Real estate is not a ‘blame game.’ Even though there may be reasons to put the blame on others, we try not to. It doesn’t do anybody any good. (Take a deep breath, and suck it up, Marilyn.) Resolve the issue, and if the other agent looks good but caused the problem, let it go.

Problem solvers not order-takers – too many agents just want to get the ‘deal done’, take the order for the house, and forget about the rest (minimal follow up, not checking in to see if things have gone wrong since the closing, etc).

This is not the easiest path to take, but to help somebody get out of a problem is very real to those of us who genuinely care, whether it’s during a transaction, before or after, it all counts, even though sometimes we can’t see the results. Whether it’s a home warranty issue, an item that was to be fixed before the property goes on the market, or confusion about what escrow can and can’t do, it’s a very real issue to the customer.

Communicate – Too many agents disappear once the ‘deal’ is signed and then show up when they are about to get their paycheck. Even if we aren’t necessarily involved in a particular issue, all calls/texts need to be returned.

I had this happen this evening: an agent called me and left me a message. He proceeded to explain that he wanted to meet with me and find an agent who could help me in the Hayward area. Well, he didn’t realize that he called my number instead of his prospect’s. Once I listened to his call, I figured it out. I left a message for him and let him know that a mistake had been made and I didn’t need a real estate agent for Hayward and I explained who I was and that his super lovely conversation needed to be repeated for his lovely prospects. We just need to be considerate of all the others out there. We don’t need to have dinner with them, we do need to be responsive.


Alameda Real Estate this Week

New 9

BOM back on market 1

PCH price change 1

Pending 8

PSB pending sale want backups 1

Sold 12

W/C withdrawn/cancelled 1

All active this week 30

All pending this week 53 

Alameda Real Estate Awards this week! (only my perspective!)

Cute, charming This is my new was held open last Sunday, broker tour on Tues, will be held open this Sunday, and offers on Tues. I had this property listed over 20 years ago. They bought it through another agent, but we stayed in touch! Come by and check it out or at least look at the link!

Get me to rehab! This is just around the corner from the above.

Have a great weekend! Come by to my open house at 1709 Lafayette 2-4 on Sunday!

Best, marilyn








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