THE SECOND STORY | March 4th, 2016

Gliding along a bit south of Alameda

When I say south , I mean waaay south, as in New Zealand!

What’s the photo got to do with Alameda? Lots! Head over to Shoreline near the surf shack and see what the windsurfers love – a ton of breeze (as we move into spring and summer). Instead of paragliding, you’ll find kite board sailing!


From this ‘away’ perspective, the message I get from New Zealand is that various industries are not doing well..and that leads back to China. We all in this together. This is a world-wide economy and nobody stands alone.

American interest rates are as low as they’ve been in recent years – it can be a good time to buy…especially if you find a place that you plan on being in for years.

About NZ

I took this photo today, March 4 (NZ time), when Sutter (daughter) and I followed a very narrow road along the cliffs, which Sutter later said “made my stomach feel like it was tied in knots.”

Considering what I have observed of the Kiwi-side of the family, that really means something: they drive swiftly, with minimal space between vehicles, and they prefer driving on the other side of the road. (Note that I didn’t say ‘wrong side of the street!’)

Christchurch is in the midst of rebuilding, tearing-down, renovating, reinventing all because of the 2011 earthquake…which was a complete disaster. The country acknowledged the 5th anniversary of the quake, while I’ve been here.

We had a couple of real jolts one night (4.3 magnitude), and various small eq’s that I’ve noticed, but not as much as Sutter and Sean.

As I write, I’m listening to a streaming TV show….Grand Designs which originates in England. A kind of reality show, which features one home and the owners who start from scratch to build what they dream about. Last week it was an older guy who gave up living on his boats, for living in a minimalist house in the country. And the trials that owners face.

If you have the chance, or even know how to do it, tune in! It’s rather sweet, if not shocking! S&S love this program!

(Next week…back on schedule…although I’m a bit surprised at how much biz I’ve been conducting long distance…technology is amazing!)

Alameda Real Estate this Week…

Spring has sprung! Inventory has come back (not a lot, but more than we have had)! Note that the sold prices haven’t always been for more than the list. And for the first time, I’ve included PSB (pending sale want backups!) This says to me that the purchase contract term have not been as strong as sellers and their agents would like.

Broker Tour Tues 7 (didn’t see any…out of town!)

New 15

BOM back on market 1

PCH price change 1

Pending 12

PSB pending sale want backups 4

Sold 12

Total active listings on the market 38

Total pending listings on the market 39

That’s a wrap! Email if you have ??

Come to my Shredding Party on March 19 9-12! A second postcard will go out next week. If you want to come but are not familiar with the party but read the blog, again, send me an email and I’ll give you the details!

Cheers! marilyn


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