THE SECOND STORY | February 11th, 2016

Alameda = has a classic theatre and fun dining!

IMG_3856 eeuuooo…disgusting. The other side of my life….


I went with a friend/client to the Alameda Theatre a couple of weeks ago…and we saw The Big Short, which has loads to do with real estate. I read the book almost non-stop when I was in Maui a few years ago. If you haven’t seen it or read the book, I highly recommend them both….because it was the cause of the US real estate / banking/ financial fiasco, which I hope will never happen again.

Now we are in a different type of fiasco….limited housing for everybody…home buyers and renters, which drives the prices for purchasing and renting way up…and keeps the inventory way down.

There seems to be signs that the heat is cooling off…a couple of properties have dropped their prices (the market has rejected them), some listings have been cancelled, and contingencies (as in purchasing the house is contingent on buyer(s) selling their property) has entered the picture. Plus, not even Janet Yellen can explain what is going on in the world economy. OMG –  I just looked her up on google…my hair is as white as her’s! Oh well…at least we don’t play the coloring game…more important things to do.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Broker Tour Tues 5 this week!

New 10

Pending 5

PCH price change 1

Sold 3

Withdrawn temporarily 1

Withdrawn/Cancelled 2

ALL active on the Alameda market 27

ALL pending on the Alameda market 30

Alameda Real Estate Awards this week (remember this is only my perspective!)


Got me cleaned up… there wasn’t an agent there, but we had our lockbox keys and it was on the tour…a youngish guy stopped in front of the house and said he used to live there…how long ago? He said a few weeks ago. It had been trashed out.

Get me a makeover this is an unusual house..lots of rooms, corner lot. A bit weird.

That’s a wrap! My Shredding Party will be on March 19, 9-12. Look for an over-sized postcard in your mailbox, in the next week…and save the date on your calendar! I’ll send out another reminder in March! Free shredding! I pay for the whole shebang! Start packing those bags and boxes!  best, marilyn



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