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Tree wraps in Alameda….

Saw this on Chestnut? near Clement.
Saw this on Chestnut? near                            Clement.

As I was driving by, I saw a block of trees wrapped up with snake-like skins! I backed up and asked a guy who was nearby, (taking a smoke break), what was happening to the trees? He said the developers were protecting them from the destruction/construction that was on Clement. This is where two warehouses were taken down recently, and the next piece was on the side street. Verrrrrry interesting, eh?  Where my head wanders….


A good friend/client emailed me today. They had recently purchased their house, and being ever diligent, she wanted to be sure that she was waiting for Alameda County to give her some other tax bill.

During the time I spend with my sellers and buyers, I often think of situations that have happened to others, and tell them the real-life story. Hopefully they will remember enough to ask me about it again, if they only caught a snatch of it.

Years ago, when I represented some wonderful buyers, I made a point of being sure to let them know that the property taxes that they paid through escrow, would be quite a bit lower than what they needed to pay. How’s that, you ask? My best escrow officer, Debbie @ Placer Title makes a big point of this, as well, with her (our) clients.

Property taxes are paid twice per year. When an escrow closes, the property taxes are based on what the previous owner paid, and then prorated between the Buyer and the Seller, based on the date of the closing. When the escrow closes, Buyers take over the tax bill. Sounds easy enough.

Usually the County issues a Supplemental Tax Bill, based on the timing of the sale. And that Bill belongs to the new owner, and when the economy heats up (like it has been these days)..most likely they will have paid much more for the property than the previous owners.

In the case of those Buyers years ago…they were obviously very busy and they found that they had extra $$!  So they bought new carpet with the extra $$. Then they realized that the extra $$ was for the Supplemental Tax Bill, which later showed up, after the carpet was installed.

My friend wanted to be sure that even though they paid the taxes due once they closed…she recalled I told the story noted above…and she just wanted to be sure that they should expect the surprise (not) Supplement Tax Bill.  Yes, dear Katie….you remembered the story…and now you won’t repeat the story of the taxing carpet!

Broker Tour Tuesday! 6 I had a property open this last Tuesday so I didn’t get around to seeing the other properties. Check out 216 Indian Bay and I’ll be there this Sunday between 2-4pm…offers will be entertained on Tues.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

New 6

BOM back on market 1

Active Contingent 1 (buyer needs to sell a property before s(he) can purchase). That party can get bumped out of the deal if a better (non-contingent) offer comes along.

Pending 8

Sold 9

Expired 1

Alameda Real Estate Awards this Week

Bang for the Buck, and Winner! Shameless self-promotion…my listing at 216 Indian Bay 4/3 2476sf, 1990 home at HBI for 945K. Folks have raved about this floor plan (largest plan, high ceilings, open floor plan).

Then again, you can buy a 2+/1 CA Bungalow for 899K, which has been upgraded, check out the “new” on the market (above).

What do you suppose this means?  On the Sold list this week are 2 new homes off Buena Vista, and those sold for less than the asking price. This, and the active contingent property says to me that the real estate market may be shifting around.

Alrighty! That’s a wrap for now! Enjoy the rain! Come see me at Indian Bay and we can jaw around for a bit!

best, marilyn

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