THE SECOND STORY | October 29th, 2015

Spectacular skies over Alameda

   Sun sets are reigning over Crown Beach!


I hosted a Broker’s Open House on Tuesday for a 6 unit residential building here in Alameda, that I put on the market this past Sunday night. Over the last few days folks have seen it advertised online and have called me about it from Blythe (so Cal) and LA!  Once you hit the go button it is all over and everywhere.

One of the calls I got this week was from a commercial broker in Oakland (or beyond). He wanted to show it on Friday. I said the next showing would be on Saturday and every client who wants to see the property has to have an agent there to see the property with him/her/them, plus let me know who the agent will be. Otherwise, no agent, no lookey.

This is when I get a bit protective about the residents who live in apartments. These agents think they can run ram-rod all over them. No, they cannot. Yes, we need to give them proper notice to access the property.

I believe that if we treat the residents right, they will accommodate the agents. And this is why I set the rules in conjunction with my Seller: minimal showings with the maximum agents and prospects. Sure there may be individual showings once a property goes under contract…that is standard.

The commercial broker said he doesn’t work on the weekends. I said maybe he could find somebody in his office that could stand in for him. He said, you’re making me work on Saturday? I said no, I’m not.

Then I thought…maybe his clients would like to know that they are covered in case he can’t/won’t show them a property. Nah..I thought. I bet he doesn’t even tell his clients about the property. Oh, well.

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Broker Tour Tues

Because I had my own property to hold open, I didn’t get to see any of the properties on the tour. So there won’t be any awards this week either! You can see the photos as well as I can…and make your own decisions about winner, rehab, makeover, etc!

New 15

BOM back on market 1

Pending 18

Sold 12

Here’s an over view of the total market in Alameda….Active and Pending sales (remember some of these may be listed more than once – two houses on one lot vs single family, etc.

Total Active Alameda 57

Total Pending Alameda 80

Alameda Real Estate Awards….None this week…see above!

Have a great weekend! Don’t forget to fall back (turn your clock back 1 hour on Sat night – one year I forgot to do that and I went to church and it was almost over!

Let me now if you have questions. Happy to find an answer and to tap into other who may help!

best, marilyn

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