THE SECOND STORY | October 22nd, 2015

Alameda is rockin’ the block!

Last Sunday’s entertainment for Bayview Estates! 

Commentary –  Good Neighbors

Not everybody wants to take charge of it. If you are lucky somebody wants to do it. Every neighborhood needs it.  It’s best if a group of locals get involved in it.  ‘This’ is some type of block party or gathering of folks in the ‘hood.

If your neighborhood is full of kids, it just kind of happens. But these days…everybody is on such tight schedules, especially the kids: athletics, tutoring (getting it or giving it), places to be, places to get to, places to go…it’s almost endless.

Even if you just get to sit in front of your home (you don’t need to have the people come in), and have some store-bought cookies and some iced-something for drinks, getting to know each other makes good sense and good neighbors.

This year there wasn’t a block party in our ‘hood over Labor Day.  First time in a long time.

I’m the Neighborhood Watch Captain. We have an annual meeting towards the fall. Whether is a small turnout  (when things are going as they should it is usually a small group), or if it’s a big turnout (when things are not quite seems to grow), it’s always a good thing.

I’ve been having an annual Shredding Party for the past 9 years…sure, it’s a piece of marketing, but folks love it! Just a few weeks before tax time, the shredder people come over, park their truck, and the people can watch the papers turn into bits! I’ve had folks come over from San Francisco!

It’s a great way for people to get rid of their paper stuff, shut off their devices for a bit, and just plain sit around and jaw for awhile.

Are you willing to give the get-together a try? May be very surprising, in a good way!

Alameda Real Estate this Week!

Broker Tour Tues 12  Saw 7 of the properties this week by bike

New 11

PCH price change 5

Pending 10

Sold 16

Withdrawn temporarily 1

Some of these may be mentioned multiple times (i.e. SFR & Duplex)

All active listings in Alameda 61

All pending listings in Alameda 60

Alameda Real Estate Awards….gosh 2 weeks in a row…not feelin’ the love this week!

Enjoy the weekend! I know you deserve it!

best! marilyn

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