THE SECOND STORY | September 24th, 2015

Signs of autumn in Alameda

2015-09-21 18.51.38
Big tree…big color in Alameda!  How dare they?


I’m on a rant.

Why? Why do folks list a property (which could be their most valuable asset) with an agent who doesn’t have any knowledge about the town the property is in? (I’m specifically speaking of Alameda.) Could it be s/he discounts her/his commission? Does the agent think it will be an easy transaction? Why wouldn’t an agent go through the disclosures with the sellers, who need to answer very specific questions about the property? Why wouldn’t the agent ask the sellers questions about the property, in order that those disclosures could be complete? Why wouldn’t an agent review the complete contract with the Sellers, explaining all the verbiage, so they actually know what they are signing? Why wouldn’t an agent encourage the Sellers to obtain a pest and property inspection…so they actually know what they are trying to sell before the property hits the market? Too many whys…and no reasons. This type of behavior gets me very angry. It’s not only irresponsible, but most of the Sellers out there are looking for honesty, guidance, and excellence. And the agent doesn’t provide any of it. aarrgh! Plus the agent has a list of awards behind her/his name..really?

Alameda Real Estate this Week….

Broker Tour Tues 10 this week (1 was a repeat) saw all but 2 of them by bike.

New 16

PCH price change 2

Pending 23

Sold 13

Withdrawn temporarily 1

Withdrawn/cancelled 1



Alameda Real Estate Awards this week..remember this is only my perspective!


Get me a facelift (or more) 

Cute, Charming


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