THE SECOND STORY | August 20th, 2015

Alameda! Look up!

Sunset in Alameda!
Sunset in Alameda!


Maintenance and more maintenance! A couple of weeks ago I received emails from my tenants….’no hot water!’ Ut oh.

I called the plumber and it turns out the tankless water heater (which is around 17 years old) had a small leak and the electronic something-or-other shut itself down. That’s a good thing…no shocks around here! It worked fine once the leak was discovered and the electronic something-or-other was re-set. But I expect to get a new tankless water heater in the next 1-2 weeks. I consider this an omen of things that might be avoided.

When purchasing a newer or older or a lot older property (like we have in here Alameda), you never know when appliances, fixtures, or other items will go off, shut down, die, or be able to be resuscitated.

What I suggest to all of my owners (and future owners) is to have a regularly scheduled annual visit by the best vendors around (those who are honest, won’t rip you off, and will tell you the truth).

Once September becomes autumn, I normally get my vendors in.

The plumber comes over and checks all the apartment drains: he gets a year’s worth of mucky junk out of them; looks at the toilets to be sure they aren’t leaking, fixing the innards in the tank as necessary; corrects any leakage or drips.

In a property sitting below grade (like our’s does), I’ll have him look at the sump pump to be sure any water in the pump will be getting shoved out towards the street and that the flex line has no leaks.

The roofer comes out and clears the gutters, makes sure those don’t have leaks, checks the roof, and looks for potential leaks and gets those repaired.

I have the furnace expert come on by to see that all is well, and if not, give the furnace(s) a tune up.  I got these installed less than 5 years ago, replacing the antiques that were in our mechanical room.

I’m happy to share their names with you. It’s nice to know that I’ve done the preventive maintenance necessary. It beats being reactive when the rest of the world waits until a real issue comes up and the vendors are so booked they may not be able to see you a couple of weeks.

Be proactive on these items and chances are that those appliances and major investments will pay you back with many additional years of service. Just drop me an email and I’ll send their names/numbers to you.

Alameda Real Estate this Week.

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New 10

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Pending 12

Sold 17

Withdrawn temporarily 2

Total Active Listing in Alameda 46

Total Pending Listings in Alameda 63

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