THE SECOND STORY | July 16th, 2015

Look up & see the ceilings in Alameda!


Boomer-Chick-Musings  I don’t always think about real estate..I do have another life!


I picked up two promotional fliers recently, from local lenders. Here is a compilation of what they said to potential buyers! I also added some tidbits.

Want to get a loan? Don’t do these things!

~Don’t co-sign a loan for anyone! ~ Don’t start your own business, or quit your job! ~ Don’t make any large purchases like a car! ~ The bank doesn’t care if you don’t have the perfect appliances or furnishings – wait until after you close! (this item came close to wrecking a transaction for my sellers) ~ Check with your lender before making large deposits! ~ Don’t trigger any action that would make anybody check/pull/ inquire about your credit! ~ You need more than just a loan, you have closing costs as well! Don’t spend that money! ~ Your credit is everything: pay bills on time, no late payments, don’t start using the credit cards excessively! ~ Put down every item (liabilities or debts) on your loan application (every item!) ~ Don’t make any changes in your bank accounts! ~ Be organized! You will probably be asked for all types of documentation. DO Be organized!

PS Find a lender with an excellent track record. Don’t follow the ads (internet, newspapers, radio, etc)…ask your agent for referrals and meet with her/him before you commit to her/him!

Alameda Real Estate this Week

Broker Tour Tues  16

Lots on the tour!. Tues I rode my bike and saw 8. Thur I drove around between meetings and saw 5 more, plus one that was not on the tour. Missed out on the rest.

Active listings this week  59

Pending listings this week 68

New 23

BOM back on market 1

PCH price change 1

Pending 16

Sold 20

Withdrawn temporarily 1

Withdrawn/cancelled 3

Alameda Real Estate Awards this week…remember this is only my perspective!

Winner of the Week

Cute, charming

Get me to rehab!

Another get me to rehab!

Get me a makeover! 

That’s a wrap! Have a great weekend! Contact me if you have questions (or any answers!).

Best, marilyn

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