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More art in Alameda!

Here’s another piece of local art…on a utility box…I took this shot on 1400 block of Everett.

PowerBoxArt is converting the Alameda Municipal Power electrical boxes into fabulous art! Click on the link and see what and where they perform the wonderful miracles around town! The art on this box was created by Clare Rickard. Each box is sponsored by an Alameda biz! What I think about when I don’t think about real estate!


Real estate technology has come a long way since some of us have been in biz. The good news is most of us keep on top of things by taking classes, attending professional seminars and conventions, attending webinars, talking with other out of area agents and local agents.  There is no sitting back and watching the world go by these days. We need to be very proactive.

BUT…all of you Buyers / Sellers need to file your papers either in the title folder that you got when you closed on your transaction…or file it into the cloud so you have instant access to it. You may think you may not need it and you may be thinking ‘It’s been a long time…fahget about it!” And that would be not so good.

Yes, I know it may be a hassle to put your documents in the cloud, but at least you won’t be hauling real estate boxes full of closing info around with you from place to place in physical boxes. (BTW, hauling that stuff around is very expensive…using the cloud is much less expensive!)

Friday, the 26th, I have a listing that will be closing and the Seller needed to find a deed that was recorded about 15+ years ago. I sold this townhome to him a long time ago.

The missing item was for a refi that he did on the property he owned here in Alameda. The current title company could not find a deed of reconveyance or anything in any records that said that loan had been paid off.

He ended up going through boxes and boxes of stuff and he did find proof that the loan had been paid off. All of this happened this week…and this person is one busy person running all over the country.

Because this sometimes happens to the best of  us, there is a Plan B. There are insurance companies that will issue policies that will charge you big $$$ to take on the risk themselves. In this case it would cost the Seller $4,000 to have this ‘lost document’ insured!

Well, that made him work even harder to find those papers. And he did! What he found satisfied the current title company’s Chief Title Officer, that all was well. All things being equal…he will close his transaction on time! Whew!

Learn by reading about it. Any other way may cost you +- $4000.

Alameda Real Estate this Week….

Broker Tour Tues there were 12 on tour this week. I had one of them. A 1-1 single family home (yes, it’s tiny but the agents all agreed it was a great alternative to a 1-1 condo where you pay HOA fees).  It will be open this Sun 2-4pm 

Come by…say hi! Be prepared to walk a bit…on-street parking may be limited! Or better yet, ride your bike! That’s what I did for the Broker Tour I expect I’ll do the same on Sunday!

Active listings this week  40
Pending listings this week  73

New 12
Price change  3
Pending  8
Sold 11

Alameda Real Estate Awards this week…remember this is only my perspective!
Tiny Cute and Charming (my listing on Oak)
Cute, Charming 

That’s a wrap! Come by and see me at 909 Oak Street on Sunday 2-4! Hopefully it will be a just a bit cooler!

Call or email me if you have comments or questions about Alameda real estate!

best, marilyn

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