THE SECOND STORY | June 18th, 2015

Great garden eats in Alameda!

Boomer-Chick Musings

What I’m thinking when not dwelling on real estate….


Yes, I did get permission to take a photo of this from the owner/seller! This house and the veggie garden is located at 66 Salmon Road, in HBI, 94502.

What a creative way to have a garden growing in a yard! This is what the Seller calls a ‘no stoop’ garden! And boy, does it grow! It uses 6 (or is it 7) 6′ long tables that store in the garage when they aren’t outside helping to create great eats. She said that the metal bins that hold the dirt came from Home Depot and they assembled them. The tubes hold up the tallest veggies. Nice view from the living room, too!

This ‘baby boomer group’ stat won’t be helping the inventory increase! hhmmm..

Alameda Real Estate this week…

Broker Tour Tues...

I said there were 11, but a duplex (one building at 3211-15) was input as two separate addresses. You get both units for a list price of  859K. So there were only 10 this week. I had the chance to go out to HBI and then up to the west end, and then my final stop was at the Farmer’s Market, where most everybody gets great discounts starting at about 12:30! Kind of hard to haul a box of 6 bins of strawberries home via my bike. But I did it…and they continue to taste great! Saw all but one of the new listings.

Active listings this week 43
Pending listings this week 76

New  16
BOM (back on market) 1
PCH (price change)  1
Pending  13
Sold  14
Withdrawn/cancelled  2

Alameda Real Estate Awards this week…this is only my perspective!
Got me a makeover
Get me to rehab

That’s it for this week! Have a great weekend. Call if you have questions.

best, marilyn

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