THE SECOND STORY | June 11th, 2015

Alameda broker (me) and lots of locals say GO WARRIORS! What I think about when I’m not thinking about real estate!

I had three TV’s on…one in the kitchen while I was working on dinner, one in the family room while I was eating my home-grown salad from my container garden in my back yard, and one in my office while I was writing my blogs. Fabulous game!  Ev – I’m sure you’ve gone crazy with the comeback! For decades you have never lost your enthusiasm for the team! 

OK now real estate…


This week I reviewed 14 offers on my listing at 1330 Broadway. This Italianate Cottage was a charmer for all of the restoration buffs. It will close in 15 days (and maybe some flippers). The list was $550,000 and every offer was more than the list. I’ll leave it at that until it goes on record!

Also I closed a listing, a 1/1 condo at the Park Webster. It closed 10 days late..due to the lender’s requirements, even though the agent who sold it closed 3 transactions with the same lender a week before. Wha’s up with that?

I also represented a Buyer who closed on a sale at 45 Stone Harbor this week. We had made several offers prior to this and were beat out. But this seemed to be a match..and with some flexibility with having the Sellers stay in the house for some time after the close….she got the house with multiple buyers bidding.

Buyers, you need to be sure to get your homework done way up front. You need to have the agent representing you know the lender really well so you get put at the top of the list when lending issues get tough.

For instance: you need to be ready for the unexpected…
-like paying a car loan down a whole bunch at the very end of the transaction! And this lender had already preapproved the buyer and knew about the car (purchased well ahead of the condo). Wha’s up with that?
-or getting an offer accepted because you have the financial where-with-all to remove an appraisal contingency upfront when there’s big competition for the property.
-maybe write a letter to the Sellers explaining why you love the property, why it would work for you, why you would work so hard to bring it back to it’s original glory.
-having your agent talk with the listing agent about the terms that would work best for the seller and see that you might find a way to make it so attractive that even the terms may be better than the highest price.

Have questions? I may have some answers (no promises).

Broker tour Tues Only 4 this week…all on the main island. I saw 3 of them.

Active listings this week 38
Pending listing this week 81

Alameda Real Estate this week…

New  6
Pending 17
PCH price change 2
BOM back on market 2
Sold 15

Alameda Real Estate Awards this week…remember this is only my perspective!
Get me to rehab…a tie!

That’s it for now. Let’s finish with a ‘Go Warriors’ chant!

Have a great weekend! best, marilyn

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