THE SECOND STORY | May 14th, 2015

Big Private Party…in Alameda

In N Out came to town last night for a soft opening! They went full blast for the party on Wed eve!  Today, Thursday, they welcomed the public into their restaurant.

My daughter, Sutter, came into town from New Zealand (where she lives) yesterday afternoon, and I was fortunate to have two of the yellow wristbands, that got us in the doors! To us, the team did a marvelous job of doing everything right!
What I think when I’m not thinking about real estate!


I want to add something that happened this week, regarding the issue I addressed last week….ethics.

Back in the day…I knew and actually did business with a commercial broker. My husband and I, along with another couple, bought some units in town. We ended up selling our portion to the other folks after two years or so.

This week the broker call me. “Long time…no see, how ya doing?” I said fine. How’s it with you? He proceeded to tell me that his house (out of the area) is on the market. He had another agent that listed the house for him and they agreed that it was worth…..(fill in the blank).

A house nearby had multiple offers on it. And he couldn’t understand why he only got one. The bottom line was this: he wanted to know if I would write an offer on his house, so he could then say there was a bidding war to the other buyer. He said he understood if I didn’t want to do it, but he thought I might.

No, I said. Not only is it illegal (I’m not a qualified buyer) but it was unethical! I said it firmly, without any hesitation. He backed down immediately. The conversation ended right then. I have never been approached at anytime to do anything like this. And he’s a fool for even thinking this way. Actually, he’s an idiot.

And that’s why commercial brokers have the reputation they have in the general public. Obviously they don’t play by the same rules us small guys use. Another interesting scenario in real estate.

Alameda Real Estate this week…

Broker Tour Tues 15 this week (maybe one repeat). I saw all but 2! Drove my car out to 94502 then saw a couple of east end homes, then got on my bike for the rest of the tour.

New 26 yay for inventory!
PCH price change 1
Pending  8
Sold  15
Withdrawn temporarily 2
Withdrawn/canceled  1 which is now re-installed as a NEW listing.

Active listings this week  50
Pending listings this week 74

Alameda Real Estate awards this week..remember this is only my perspective!

I always wanted to see the inside of this house…well, it’s temporarily withdrawn for now…but the 90 folks who wanted to get in over last weekend, got their wishes met!
Winner of the Week tidy, great views, easy maintenance…
Bang for the Buck Woostock co-op
Bang for the Buck big lot! nifty house, 94502

That’s it for this week!

If you get over to In N Out and it’s too crowded…give The Habit a try…close to Target, also! Great burgers, salads and onion rings!

Have  a  great weekend!  Pray for rain! It sprinkled a bit this evening!


best, marilyn

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