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Alameda…just like home…all over the island!

This looks like a kid’s toy…but I found it today in the City of Alameda Community Development Department, when I went in to get ‘Permit Histories’ for listings I have coming up.

As I was waiting my turn to talk to the staff (and I do think they are very good!), I wondered how many adults actually play with this….like contractors, architects, designers, and the like? May as well play…while you are waiting to pay! what I ponder about in my ‘off’ time.

one cool thing don't wait to buy

One of the questions I get asked regularly is “What’s going to stop the madness in real estate?” I have to say I honestly don’t know. But one thing I do know…as rates go down prices go up. And with the cash rich environment we are in now (no, not everything is selling for cash), folks who are ‘in the game’ and those who are just watching it, prices are at the highest, or higher than the highest, just prior to the FF (financial fiasco) that hit the fan! The ‘experts’ are saying that 2016 is the year rates will go up. We’ll see. Whenever that happens, some who are stretching the limits at these low rates…will not be able to afford properties. Thus, demand will be less, inventory will increase, and life goes on.  And yes. I am speaking locally.

Alameda Real Estate this Week…
I put two properties on the market this week. And I also wrote an offer but the competition beat us out.

One is a 1/1 condo, recently upgraded, at the Park Webster community. It has a southern view of the park and bay…and it seems popular with the people. It’s listed for 295K, 10K over the most recent sale of the same floor plan in the same building. This is 1321 Webster D311 I sold this to the gentleman a long time ago!

The other is a 4/3 single family home at 1015 Peach Street (Alameda’s east end). This home has a ton of space (2039 sf) and a very large lot  6709 sf (for Alameda)! It’s listed for 950K. The current owners bought this when I had it listed in 2001.

Call me if you have questions about these or other Alameda properties.

Broker Tour Tuesday 12 this week on tour. I had both listings on the property tour so I couldn’t see everything..but I did see some over the week.

New  12
PCH  1(this is the listing on Peach…price was upped based on recent activity!)
Pending  18
Sold  13

Alameda Real Estate Awards…remember this is only my perspective!
Winner of the Week  my blog, my award!
Bang for the Buck  my blog, my award!

Email me if you have comments or questions about Alameda real estate. If I don’t have the answer, I’ll tell you upfront. And I will search out the answer, if it’s possible to find! And I will source it, too!

Best, marilyn

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