THE SECOND STORY | April 23rd, 2015

Inventory went up this week…like Alameda’s Fruitvale Bridge!

The Fruitvale Bridge (lifted up), and the train bridge right next door make for an interesting photo. All Alameda (most of the time)! – I listen, and then I write about it….whether it’s in my head or coming out of somebody else’s mouth.

When we talk about newer homes in Alameda, most of that inventory has come of age the last few years. In the Community of Harbor Bay Isle many of those homes are over 30 years old!

Then there’s the landfill addition of the ’60’s along Alameda’s South Shore. Hard to believe but those are now over 50+ years.

And when we talk about upgrading the “older” homes (Victorians and Craftsman styles) on the main island…that means the 4P’s! (Putting a pretty penny into a property.) Gosh, I just made that up! But it’s so true. Often the 4P’s mean a new foundation, new windows, plumbing, electrical and the list goes on and on! Based on anything older than 1942, it is subject to review of the local Historical List, by the city planners. The same style still must remain, even when upgrading the property.

Often the locals call this list the ‘hysterical list’…but if you are in the mood to do what is necessary to make an old house ‘new’ again…you will have lots of folks encouraging you every step of the way. But don’t mess up the exterior!

Our house is on the Historical/hysterical list. And there is always something to do…be it big or small. So I can be flippant about the list…because we own and 1898 Colonial Revival. But the list makes good sense..because Alameda loves it’s Victorians and they are fun to look at!

Alameda Real Estate this week.
Broker Tour Tues…15  On Monday I was asked to attend a real estate meeting on Tues @ Fusion in I missed the tour but I made it up late this afternoon…I saw 12 of the properties!

New 23
Pending 20
Sold 16

Alameda Real Estate Awards...this is only my perspective!
Winner of the Week
Cute, Charming
Get me to rehab looks good..but the reports….

We’re done! Enjoy looking at the properties…contact me if you have questions!

best, marilyn

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