THE SECOND STORY | April 16th, 2015

Low tide in Alameda! Low inventory, too!

For years I’ve tried to see exactly what this ‘sculpture’ is, in the low-tide-flats near Broadway and Shore Line, as I ride my bike along the shoreline. My imagination thinks it’s a cannon that dropped off a ship. I decided to take a shot of it (and not with my Canon camera). Get it?

I actually think it’s a huge piece of driftwood, stuck in the bay, with a history of being somebody’s dock. Or maybe it was stuck in the water at high tide during a storm and has called the coast of Alameda home, ever since.


Tech Smart Buyers
This is not your parents way of buying real estate, and for sure not your grandparents! Who knew back then what most of us know now? They couldn’t even dream of how real estate is bought and sold. Apps for everything, Once a listing goes into the mls, within minutes it’s picked up by and third party aggregators and blasted out to the world!

I know that everybody has choices…but if you want the most accurate information, keep on your phone. But if you want (z)estimates of value, by a machine that only knows algorithms, you’ve got a bunch of other choices.

Also, it helps if your agent knows the area well. That way you won’t be surprised by local knowledge that he/she wouldn’t have a clue about.  That’s one thing I do…I often referred clients to agents that work out of my area.

I screen the agents. Sometimes I actually have a history with them. Many are CRS’s (Certified Residential Specialists). I also look closely at their backgrounds (do they work full time, have a partner who can handle the biz while (s)he is gone, is the agent the one you contact or is there an assistant?)

Last year I made two referrals for Alameda sellers of mine (who moved to Washington St as buyers) and one for a seller who knew a client of mine here in Alameda, but she lived in Sacto. They all closed on their transactions, and were very pleased.

If you would like a referral to an agent(s) outside of Alameda…give me a call! What’s to lose? Well, maybe quite a lot if your agent doesn’t have the background to know what’s going on out there!

But despite the technology…real estate is a people biz. It just happens to feature walls and roofs.

Alameda Real Estate this week…
Broker Tour Tues  11 on Tues. Another fine day for an auto ride out to 94502 (got busy with calls), and then biking around to the other properties in 94501.

New 11 (houseboats don’t count…they are considered PERSONAL property, not real property)
BOM  1
Pending  12
Sold  9 And if you haven’t heard about 1432 Morton…check here to see what it sold for…YIKES!
Withdrawn/cancelled  2

Alameda Real Estate Awards this week…remember this is only my perspective!
Winner of the Week This may look like a single level 2/2 townhome…but this A model has been remodeled and is lovely!

That’s is for the awards. Nothing else struck me as being worthy.

That’s a wrap! Email if you have questions! Have a great weekend!

best, marilyn

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