THE SECOND STORY | March 19th, 2015

Speaking of birds on roofs in Alameda….

I took this bird photo after I met some friends for lunch @ The Little House Cafe this past week. I looked up and sitting on the rooftop of Perforce, there it was. There is a second bird up there, too.  I was touched by these pieces of family history….

Birds may not be the only items on the roofs around Alameda. Solar panels are also on some of the roofs here in town. And no wonder! It helps families hold the cost of electricity down (however Alamedans also own our own electric company and it’s cheaper than PGE). Plus the government is giving tax credits to those who qualify for the financing. Financing talk is what this link is about…(but it’s almost 1 year old).  Just do your research before you start adding panels to your roofs! 

Thanks to a home warranty company I get emails from, Fidelity National Home Warranty, had these questions that consumers should ask before going solar.

Solar Panels are one of many PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy)  and HERO (Home Energy Renovation Opportunity) loans qualified improvements, so when you see Solar Panels on a home, here are few questions you might want to ask UP FRONT regarding possible PACE programs: 

  1. How did you purchase this system? Financed or leased?
  2. Did you use a PACE program?
  3. If leased, is the lease assumable? Do you have a copy of the lease agreement or purchase contract?
  4. How much is the payment, whether leased or purchased?
  5. What is the payoff?
  6. When was the system installed?
  7. If the system can’t be transferred to a new buyer, is the seller willing to pay off or buyout the contract?
  8. Is the Buyer willing to pay it off?
  9. Have you received a tax bill that includes the PACE Program assessment?
And speaking of additions/modifications/remodels….here is what the CA Association of Realtors comes up with:
Alameda Real Estate this week
Broker Tour Tues.…6 properties this time….I saw 3 of them by bike (and knew the other floor plans, and didn’t have anybody interested in the high price property in HBI.
PCH ( price change) this one went way up! 1
Active listings this week 26 so low!
Pending listings this week 57
Alameda Real Estate Awards this Week
And that’s my story for today!
Contact me if you have any questions about Alameda real estate, lenders, vendors, and the like!
best, marilyn

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