THE SECOND STORY | March 12th, 2015

Shred & e-Waste Party generates $416 for Alameda Meals on Wheels!

I was visiting with clients in 94502 last Saturday afternoon. Drove away. Looked into my rear view mirror. Turned around. Walked out to the bike/walk path which touches the bay. And this is what I saw, and took a photo of it.  things that I ponder and wonder about.

The Shred and e-Waste Party was a big success and on the most gorgeous day! We had a great crowd!

It goes so fast, and it’s wonderful to see folks in person! Sometimes it may have been years since we’ve seen each other! And I’m so grateful that everybody stops, says hi and catches up with me.

The e-Waste addition to the Shred Party was a big hit! Huge old TVs, old recorders, loads of ancient phones…and some of us had our hard drives disabled by drilling into them on site.

I think the most boxes that got shredded by one family was 25 (that’s a lot of taxes).

Thanks to all who donated to Alameda Meals on Wheels! We beat last year’s total. This year was $416!


This graphic spoke to me…I often ask buyers a bunch of questions regarding their financing. And unless they have recent experience, most don’t know what needs to happen BEFORE they get pre-approved, DURING the time period they are waiting to purchase something, or AFTER they have entered into a contract and we’ve opened up the escrow.

And if I don’t know the lender personally, or have had him do transactions for me…I have even more questions. And hopefully my buyers will know a bit more about the process than these respondents.

Mortgage Challenge OCT

Alameda Real Estate this Week…
Broker Tour Tuesday only four properties this week! I saw just two of them.

New 8
BOM (back on market) 1
Pending 14 (knock out the one for 3K, that’s a rental)
Sold 12

Active listings  28
Pending listings  53
(Let me know if you even care about me putting in the link to these listings.)

Alameda Real Estate Awards…this is only my perspective…
Get me a facelift have not checked into the reports…but the lower unit is a bit below grade and I’m not sure that the foundation is up-to-snuff, or maybe capped, or may be brick or some other mixture!

That’s it for any awards!

Have a great weekend. Be well! Enjoy the extended daylight and catch up on the 
one hour that was taken from us!

Contact me if you have any questions. Don’t be shy!

best, marilyn

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