THE SECOND STORY | February 6th, 2015

Alameda’s inventory…a little bit of not so much.

This sign was posted in Crown Beach Park last summer. Let’s hope that it reverts back to ‘Green is the new Green’ after the ‘newness’ of the rain!
What rattles around in my head sometimes makes it on this blog.

Sometimes it takes some traveling to meet some interesting people. And that’s what I did the last couple of days and then tonight!  I met a very interesting person!

We knew we had something to talk about…other than the food that we had come to Yosemite to feast our eyes on and eat! (I attended the last of the Chef’s Holidays for 2015, thank you very much to my friend Rhonda!).  

I met one of the owners of Paganos. You know…the Alameda hardware store delight!  And I do mean delight! Carl, my dear late husband, use to love walking through the original store, but he was slim enough to do it without knocking items off the shelves. But now the owners have leased the old Blockbuster building at Webster and Central. And that’s a good thing.

I know ‘old’ Alameda likes things the way they were back in the day…but with no parking on Lincoln, and the upstairs loft area proving too much for ‘old’’s time to move on. Plus the second Paganos at South Shore has proven that they have 40% access to those shoppers at the mall from out of town!

My new BFF, Karin Ashford, says something wasn’t right with any of the negotiations…and they needed to move on and get a better rent and terms than were offered at the last minute with Paganos. If you’ve heard something different, like I did, um…not so much.

My take on this…’old’ Alameda wants decent shopping as much as ‘new’ Alameda. And ‘old’ Alameda is moving onward and upward (if you get my drift).

So it’s a newer world for Paganos. Get out there and buy some nails, Alameda, when the new Paganos opens up!

And that’s the news for tonight!

Alameda Real Estate this week
Broker Tour Tues saw them all last weekend, except for Wellfleet, and it and Central were both repeats.

Active listings this week  26
Pending listings this week  42

New  7
Pending  12
Sold  5

Alameda real estate awards this week…none, nada, zip!

Be safe in the rain! And it was a very exciting end for the Super Bowl (yes, I watched the last 10 minutes, which translates into 30 minutes).

best,  marilyn!

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