THE SECOND STORY | January 1st, 2015

Happy 2015!

I’m baaack!
This is where I went…to Maui. And this is the big-wave site…Jaws. I took this with my iPhone. It was the largest surf they’ve had this winter. But I’m sure there is more to come!

Boomer Chick Musings – what I did right, what I did wrong…this survey I give myself makes me look back over the past year.

Alameda Real Estate this Week…
This will be brief. This is the recap of what has happened while the blog has been in hibernation (the month of December).  This as of this evening.

Active listings  11
Pending listings  44
Sold listings 43
Withdrawn temporarily 2
Withdrawn/cancelled 6
Expired 6

Outlook for 2015…
This is my take only. I’ve been doing this for a long time..but I’m the last one to say…I know the near or far future.

I think the prices may have stabilized….looking at the sold listings. Sure, some of the properties may have gone way over…but not as many as there have been in the last two years.  Check out the sold prices vs the listing prices. They are much closer than they’ve been.

I think that the inventory may be increasing in 2015. Sometimes owners need time to think their plans through. Some of those owners may have missed the really up market.  But they are into selling and that is key to the Buyers that are out there.

I think that the sellers who have expired, withdrawn and cancelled listings will be putting their properties on the market again…at a lower price IF they want to sell.

New listing….1071 Camino del Valle  I just put this on the market on Monday and will hold it open on Sunday 2-4pm. This is a 3/1.5 townhome. This takes you directly to the property website. Look at the link and check it out.  It’s priced for 510K.

I’ve had 3 agents call me for disclosures, 2 agents have asked about FHA financing, and 4 have asked when will offers be entertained. My modus operandi is to get a handle of the responses of the buyer-public, and then relay that to my clients. Then based on that conversation perhaps an offer date will be set.  Usually, I will not be so presumptuous to say ‘offers on ———-‘.  What I like to say is ‘offer(s), if any, will be entertained on ——–‘.

If your goal this year is to buy, sell, or exchange local real estate, I’d love to have an interview with you…just an interview. Straight talk. And if I don’t have an answer, I’ll say so and then go to find one for you that can be reliable.

I am so appreciative of all my clients…over all the years!  Perhaps folks who read this blog, may call and we can determine if we have a mutually acceptable basis to do business together.

With that…have a great new year…and we’ll continue to take it week by week on these pages.

Carry on! best, marilyn

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