THE SECOND STORY | November 6th, 2014

A November day in Alameda!

I took this on Election Day.  Just being outdoors made me smile!  The day was warm and so clear! Doesn’t really seem like November…hmm. my random thoughts about life.

Local real estate is booming based on what folks are doing to their properties.  In Alameda, most every good (note that I say good…via reputation and my own personal knowledge) contractor is busy and if you don’t have some connections, you may need to stand in line for awhile.  I warn folks about this surge so they don’t automatically think they will be instantly waited on.

And if people aren’t doing remodels, they are certainly catching up on deferred maintenance.

When the time changes to darker days, it’s my cue to get my basic annual chores done…change batteries in smoke and CO detectors, clean the furnace filters (I have the the reusable ones..just wash and rinse w/ a hose), change the batteries in my thermostat, readjust the exterior and interior lights that are on timers, have the furnaces checked out by a pro, have my windows washed inside and out, have the same guys put baby oil on the natural oak interior wood.

And since I had a leak at the end of September, from an upper bath sink into our living room (surprise!) I’ve had the two large holes patched in the living room (box-beamed ceiling), and the painting has been completed.  This is NOT part of my annual routine!

And now…it still feels like summer except for the days getting darker sooner.  Maybe we will get some serious rain this year.  Let’s hope so!


Alameda Real Estate this Week
Broker Tour Tues!  12 this week, but two were repeats.  Saw 9 this week by bike!  Only 1 was in 94502.

New  7
BOM  back on market 1
PCH price change  5
Pending  15
Sold  10
Withdrawn temporarily  2
Withdrawn/canceled   3

Alameda Real Estate Awards…remember this is only my perspective!
Winner  Not quite the Grand Dame….but elegant in every way.
Cute, charming

Time to call it a day!  Questions?  Shoot me an email.  Carry on!

best, marilyn

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