THE SECOND STORY | October 30th, 2014

New housing construction in Alameda…  my own little world.

This table decoration says it all.  Alameda is under construction!  Today the Alameda Association of Realtors gave its members a taste of what is going on for new housing along the estuary, from Park Street up to Target and then over to Alameda Point.  The whole meeting lasted 4 hours, including the bus ride to see it all in person.  Questions were answered by the developer’s reps, city reps (including Vice Mayor Izzy Ashcraft), and city staff. Questions flew freely while Andrew Thomas, the city’s lead Planner answered them throughout the day.  Check out this map from The Alamedan. (this is a bit dated but does show what’s going on).

Big thanks to our local Affiliate Sponsors that brought this wonderful event to us!  And go try a sandwich from Santoro’s Italian Market and Deli  they catered the lunch for us…fantastic…corner of 4th and Santa Clara.


Alameda Real Estate this Week
Broker Tour Tues  Rode my bike out to 94502 and then all the way up to BayPort, checking out properties along the way.  Nice day..nice (but long) bike ride!

New 11
PCH price change 5
Pending 13
Sold 12
Withdrawn temporarily 1
Withdrawn/cancelled 2

Alameda Real Esate Awards this week….remember this is only my perspective!
Bang for the Buck  house has been renewed over the past few years…and is set to make a new home for a family.
Cool older units  there were 3 triplexes new to the market this week.  This is one of them…nifty location, cool older but maintained building, and some extra plus space (nice artist studio).
Get me to rehab this one is a triplex, as well.

That’s a wrap for now!  Looks like rain this weekend!  Be dry!

best, marilyn

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